Cheesecloth Industries

Industry Where Used Desired Feature
1) Nuclear Plants Wiping metal surfaces in coolant reactor plants. See Power Stores Mgrs. Purity or contamination free.
2) Furniture Co's Staining and antiquing of wood surfaces Absorbency
3) Pharmaceutical Co's Laboratories Purity and absorbency
4) Aerospace Mfg. Co's Wiping of metal surfaces and precision parts Non-extractable and durability
5) Airline Co's Maintenance Dept. Wiping of metal surfaces Non-extractable and durability
6) Food Service establishments Kitchen area-
straining of soups and sauces, etc., basting and poaching
Purity and absorbency
7) Laboratories Lab Areas Purity, durability, and absorbency
8) City and State Governments Paint shops to filter paint. Absorbency
9) Film mfg. Co's and processing labs Production facilities Non-linting, contamination free. Absorbency.
10) Military Installations High technology labs. Aerospace facilities Non-linting, contamination free.
11) School Districts Cafeterias Absorbency, Purity
12) Distilleries Production - to clean excess glue off bottle labels. Absorbency, lint free
13) Metal container manufacturing co's Production areas. To filter metal changing from getting into machinery Durability
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