die cutting


The Carnegie Textile Company has been providing high quality die-cutting services for 10+ years. Our die-cutting is capable of cutting irregular and regular fabric designs with sharp printing dies. Throughout the years we have accumulated a wide range of dies, and thus providing a greater range of die selection.

We pride ourselves in our accurate estimation, unmatched selection, rapid order processing, and shipments that are consistently on time.


Bleached Fabrics Burlap Canvas Cheesecloth
Cotton Denim Wool Duck
Filter Cloth & Felt Flannel Knitted Fabrics Impregnated Fabrics
Mesh Materials Mil-Spec Fabrics Muslin Naugahyde
Nonwoven Textiles Sheetings Synthetics Terry Cloth
Towelings Twill Vinyl Nylon
100% Cotton Diaper Cloth
Arts & Craft Automotive Furniture Manufacturing
Metalworking Plastics


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